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Touching Trees ~ Part 2 Chapter 7

TT Cover 2

      I allowed him back to the house to pack his belongings. He explained that the woman was a tenant at the apartment complex he worked at; he said she had been there for him and he could talk to her; that she listened to him. She was there for him when he was so worried about me during my seizures.

“How long have you been sleeping with her?” I felt like someone had reached in and pulled out my stomach.

“Just this week, I swear Tess. I never wanted to do this to you?” He had started crying. I hated it when he cried. He came over to the bed where I sat and got down on his knees. He placed both of his hands on mine and looked up at me, tears in his eyes, “ I swear baby; I will never, ever do anything like this again. Please, can’t we work this out?”

I looked down at him, on his knees, begging me and I laughed.

“What?” he looked confused. My laughing was not the reaction he expected. I just shook my head smiling and started to cry, but still laughing at the same time.

“I find this completely ironic,” gesturing at him knelt on the floor in front of me, “you here on your knees.  This is how you are supposed to pose when you are proposing, not begging for my forgiveness.”

He sighed in exasperation, he knew there was no use in begging right now. He knew I was too upset to listen.

“Was she good?” I asked.  His eyes widen at this question. Did I really want to know the answer?

“I don’t know,” he quietly answered. He must have thought that was a safe answer.

“You don’t know? Well, that’s just wonderful. Let me ask you this? Did you get to pull out your little boxes of surprises?”  I was getting cocky now, “You know, those little toys you are so fond of?”

“Tess, don’t do this?” He got up off his knees and sat on the bed next to me and put his arm around my shoulder, “You’re just going to get yourself all worked up and I don’t want you having another seizure.”

“Don’t!” I stood up to release his arm, “Don’t act concerned about me! You gave up that right to care about me when you decided to be with her!” The tears were hot on my cheeks now, “What’s her name Davey?”

“Does it matter?” He looked beat down.

“Yes, it does.”  I stared at him.




The prison fight was all over the news. Two wounded and four dead. Both wounded were security guards, one security officer died as well as three prisoners.  One of the prisoners dead was identified as Nickolas James Bloom.

I sat in Kip and Fannie’s living room watching the television in complete shock. They had found out earlier that morning when a police officer and the prison warden showed up on their doorstep.  As soon as they left, Kip called me at the school; he wanted to make sure that I got Addison home before the news spread.  I told Clara what had happened and pulled Addy out of her classroom.

“Where are we going Mommy?” Addison asked as she pulled on her jacket, “have you been crying?”

I don’t know why I had started crying when Kip told me that Nicky was dead.  There had been many times during our marriage that I had wished he was dead, but knew deep down I wouldn’t wish death on my worst enemy.

“No Bug, I think I may have a cold. You know how your eyes water when you get a cold,” I smiled at her and helped her put her backpack on, “We are going over to Dawda and Meme’s house for a little bit, just for a visit.”

“Oh goody!  Dawda always gives me quarters when I go to their house!” I felt horrible, in just a little bit we had to tell my sweet baby her daddy was dead. Granted she didn’t know him well, but she knew he was her father. We never spoke ill of him and when she asked why he was in jail, we would tell her that he just made a bad decision and broke the law. We were lucky that she never asked more than that.

I worried that the children at school would start asking her about her dad and be cruel in some way. I felt blessed that hadn’t been as issue.  Now Addison would be known as the girl whose daddy died, not the girl whose daddy was in prison.

We arrived at the Bloom’s thirty minutes later. On the drive over I put in one of Addy’s Britney Spears CD’s rather than turn on the radio in fear that a news broadcast would come on.

“I’m glad you’re here Tess,” Kip met us at the door and gave me a hug, “have you said anything to her yet?” He whispered in my ear. I shook my head no.  I held Addy’s hand and we walked into the living room were Fannie sat on the couch dabbing her eyes with a tissue.  When she saw us, she began crying harder and opened her arms to Addison.

“Oh come give your Meme a hug darling girl,” Addison looked up at me confused, “oh you poor, poor child!”

“Fannie, Tess hasn’t said anything to Addy yet,” Kip put his arm around my waist and guided me to one of the side chairs and nodded for me to have a seat.  I took my jacket off and laid it across my lap.

“Why are you crying Meme?” Addy backed away from Fannie’s strong hold, “are you sick?”

Kip sat down on the couch next to Fannie and lifted Addison onto his lap.

“No, Sweet Pea, Meme isn’t sick,” he looked at me as if to ask if it was okay to continue talking. I nodded yes, “Addy, do you remember last Sunday when you went to church with Meme and me?”

Addy nodded her head and looked directly into his face. Her gaze looked very grown up to me and I knew in my heart that from this moment on, she was somehow going to be more grown up than she should be for her age.

“Do you remember how Pastor Glen told us how we would find riches in Heaven someday?” Kip’s voice was even and soothing, very calm for a man who just lost his only child. Addison nodded again, “Do you know when people go to Heaven?”

“Yes, people go to Heaven when they get sick and die,” she answered matter-of-factly, “like when Mommy’s grandma died. She got sick and went to the hospital. She fell asleep and didn’t wake up.”

Kip looked over at me and I urged him to continue.  Fannie was still dabbing her eyes with the tissue, but she said nothing and let Kip continue.
“Yes, Addy, that’s true. Sometimes when people get sick they die and sometimes they might die if they are in an accident,” his voice remained calm, but I could start to see a glistening in his eyes.

“Yeah, like when my friend’s uncle was in a car accident. She said he died, but she said he had been drinking and that is why he crashed his car into a tree,” Addison looked thoughtful for a moment, “do you think that he went to Heaven? I mean, drinking and driving is wrong and Pastor Glen said that good people go to Heaven.” Kip let out a nervous laugh; I started to worry that he wouldn’t be able to continue on.

“Well, I hope so. I think so. I would like to think that God knows people make mistakes and He would forgive us of the wrong things we do, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I think God is a really good person. Dawda, your eyes are leaking,” she reached up and placed her little hand on his cheek. This was his breaking point and he hung his head.  I quickly left my chair and went to my knees on the floor in front of them.

“Addy, Dawda is trying to tell you that someone that we all love very much had to go to Heaven,” I put my hand on her knee and Kip reached over and gripped my shoulder. His eyes were squeezed shut and his grip told me ‘thank you’ for taking over this unbearable task.

“Who? Mamaw? Papaw,” the look of panic was now in her eyes, of course she would think of my parent’s.

“No, no, no. Not Mamaw or Papaw,” my hand went to her face in an attempt to ease her worry, “Addy…Addison.”  Fannie let out a pained sob that startled Addison so much that tears formed in her eyes. I had to get this over with. She was starting to panic and I was beginning to choke, “Addison, Daddy died last night.”


The Bloom’s house was bustling with mourners that day of Nicky’s funeral.  All of Nicky’s family was in attendance, the Bloom’s closest friends and members of the country club, several of Nicky’s friends and teachers from his high school.  I felt odd being there, but Kip and Addison both insisted I be there.  My parents came briefly to pay their respects to Kip and Fannie, so I dutifully came as well. The entire day, Addison only let go of my hand to hold Kip’s hand. Fannie was no comfort to her at all; she was completely wrapped up in her own grief.

I felt sorry for her, I didn’t blame her. I couldn’t imagine what it would feel like to lose my only child. The thought of losing Addy made my stomach ache and I had to shake my head to quickly push that horrible thought away.

Davey called the night before, after seeing the news and asked how Addy was. He had been staying with his parents and he knew this was not the time to ask to come home. I was actually missing him and we talked on the phone for over an hour.  I wasn’t ready to forgive him, but I was willing to talk. I didn’t want to be divorced twice in eight years.

So I was relieved to see Davey walk in the Bloom’s front door as I talked to Fannie’s niece, Grace. I excused myself and walked over to him. He reached down and pulled me into a tight hug and then reached down and picked Addison up into his arms.

“My goodness, you are getting too big to pick up young lady!” Addison giggled at him as he let her back down. She turned and ran over to Kip who was sitting on the couch talking to Pastor Glen.

“How are you doing?” Davey put his hands in his pockets and looked down at me. I smiled and sighed.

“I’m rather exhausted actually. I feel so odd being here,” I looked around the room at all the people milling around in black, talking in hushed tones, eating from the buffet table the Bloom’s service staff had prepared, “but Kip insisted. Said Addison needed me here.”

“Yeah, that’s probably a good thing,” we walked slowly toward the entry hall, “well you look really beautiful for someone who is so exhausted.”  He could still make me blush.

“Stop,” I shook my head and looked at the floor.

When I looked up I noticed that a woman with very blond hair had walked in the front door; she stuck out like a sore thumb.  Surrounded by people in dark funeral attire, this woman wore a lavender dress with white high heels and large white earrings.  She made her way through the sea of black jackets and dresses until she was in full view of Davey and me. That is when I recognized who it was. Hope.

“Oh my goodness,” I stared in the direction of the tacky woman, “why is she here?” Davey turned to see who I was talking about.

“Who is that?” he asked watching her make her way towards Fannie. That’s when I saw the young boy she was pulling behind her. He was probably around six or seven years old and was dressed in tiny suit.

“She’s the reason I had the crap beat out of me every other day,” my heart was pounding out of my chest, “she is who I was supposed to be.”

Hope approached Fannie, who stood up as soon as she saw the blond and the little boy.  Fannie didn’t look pleased to see Hope and though I couldn’t hear what was being said, it didn’t appear to be friendly conversation.  Kip quickly approached the scene and the volume of the conversation was getting louder, but only on Hope’s end. Kip leaned in to calm her and took her by the elbow, leading her and the little boy into the kitchen.

I wished I was a fly on the wall; I wanted to know what was going on. But it was apparent that approaching Fannie was a horrible idea, her friend Francis was now sitting with her on the couch comforting her as Fannie held a tissue to her eyes. Addison came running up to me.

“Dadaw is yelling at some lady in the kitchen!” her eyes opened wide with fear. As far as I know, no one had ever heard Kip raise his voice, “she is yelling back saying he owed her something!”

“Addy, can you stay with Davey for just a few moments, so Mommy can go do something really quick?” Addy nodded and I headed towards the kitchen. As I approached the double swinging doors, several staff came rushing out without trays or pitchers. They looked upset and I pushed my way through the double doors.

“I know you set up a fund for her little brat; and I know that she is getting Nicky’s life insurance policy. I checked with my lawyers and N.J. here has a right to it just the same as her!” the woman was standing next to the counter, pointing her finger at Kip. The little boy was sitting at the table eating a cracker and oblivious to the volume that Hope was speaking to Kip.

“How dare you walk into my house making demands? How do I even know that this child belongs to Nicky? Why are we just now hearing about this?” They had no idea I was standing in the doorway. I was beginning to understand what was going on.

“Are you saying this little boy is Nicky’s?” I asked. The both stopped yelling and looked at me. I stared at the little boy trying to see Nicky in his features.  I walked over to the table and sat down across from him. Neither Hope nor Kip made any attempt to move.  The little boy continued to nibble on crackers but looked up at me. His hair was blond, almost white. He did look a lot like Addison, including the light blue eyes that she inherited from Nicky. He had the same dimple in the middle of his chin that Nicky had, and a cow lick at the top of his forehead that looked similar to the million pictures that Fannie had of an elementary age Nicky.

“Hi, I’m Tessa. What’s your name?” I spoke softly to the little boy.

“Nickolas. But my friends call me N.J.” N.J. Nickolas, Jr. He reached into the plastic container and pulled out another cracker.

“And this is your mommy, right? Where is your daddy?” I reached for a cracker, but didn’t eat it. I just turned it over and over between my fingers.

“Hey! Don’t talk to my kid!” Hope started towards the table. Kip stepped in her way.

His lip puckered out, “My daddy’s dead.”

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Touching Trees ~ Part 2 Chapter 6

TT Cover 2

The next morning as I stood at the bathroom vanity applying my makeup Davey came in and sat the gift bag on the corner of the counter.

“Hey babe, didn’t you open this last night? I found it on the kitchen counter.” I didn’t look at him but I continued applying my mascara.

“Nope,” I wasn’t sure exactly how to handle this. Didn’t I deserve something more romantic? Was I asking too much? Davey knew my history with Nicky; didn’t he understand how important this would have been to me? I was wishing at this moment that it had just been a pair of earrings.

“What’s the matter, babe?” he wrapped his arms around my waist; his chest pressed against my back, his chin on my shoulder and looked at us in the mirror.
I gently pulled free from his grip and walked over to the linen closet and pulled out a clean towel. I washed my hands, dried them and after I hung the towel on the towel rack, I turned to him with a look of exasperation. I shook my head, walked in the bedroom and sat on the corner of the bed. Davey followed with the gift bag and sat down next to me.
“You know when I was a little I used to dream that I was peasant girl, like Cinderella, and that a prince would see me and instantly fall in love with me. He would jump off his white horse, get down on one knee, hold out a beautiful ring, ask me to be his princess and spend the rest of my life with him living happily ever after,” he said nothing and let me continue, “he never once handed me a bag and said, ‘Get to it when you can’”

“So you did open it?” He smiled and looked down at the bag in his hand.  Had he heard me at all?

“Yes, Davey, I opened it. Then I put it back.” I wasn’t sure if I should be mad or not, and I certainly didn’t want to fight him if I was, especially over something that should have been a romantic gift. We had never really had an argument; the only thing that we ever had a truly heated conversation about was his son Justin. Not really about Justin, but about his mother, Janie who would consistently send Justin to us filthy and practically starving.

Justin would behave like a wild animal at the dinner table standing on his chair and reaching for food with his bare hands.  It was almost as if he was grabbing for food before anyone else could; it was if he believed that if he didn’t  grab for his share right then he would go hungry.  Davey explained that Justin’s mother usually chose buying cigarettes over groceries. That left her with buying cheap  macaroni and cheese and hot dogs. That kind of meal didn’t go far between five children, Justin had four additional half brothers and sister at home, all from different fathers.
Justin would grab for food not even caring what he was grabbing for and then complain he didn’t like what he had. He wasn’t used to eating nutritious food and was always requesting items such as ice cream and chips for supper.  Addison would complain to me that Justin’s mom let him eat ice cream for supper and began turning away food that she had always loved before. It was becoming a common weekend occurrence this battle over meals. We couldn’t even take him to a restaurant, where he didn’t crawl under tables and scream that he didn’t like what his father ordered for him. At home Davey began having Justin sit at the table in front of his dinner until he at least tried what was in front of him.  He was stubborn and many evening sat there until bedtime with his arms crossed and his lip puckered out, refusing to eat.

“Didn’t you like it?” He just realized that if I put it back and didn’t put in on my finger that it was a possibility that I was turning him down, “Why didn’t you put it on?”

“Gee, I don’t know. Maybe it sounds cliché, but I kind of imagined that the man I loved would propose marriage to me in a romantic way,” I stared down at my folded hands in my lap, “You know how it went with Nicky and me; I guess I thought you would put a little more thought into it than just handing me a bag.”

“Babe, I’m sorry. I mean we’ve talked about it so much, like we had it already decided. I didn’t think you wanted something silly like me getting down on one knee,” he didn’t even seem to notice that this was important to me. We had talked about it, it was assumed, but woman like romance, I like romance. I was beginning to think I was over reacting, but then decided I deserved the romance.

“It isn’t silly to me,” I said sadly under my breath, low enough that he didn’t hear me.

“Did you say something?”  He slid his jacket on.

“No.”  I stood up and started to make the bed. He walked over and gave me a quick kiss goodbye.

“I hope to see that ring on your finger when I get home,” he smiled hopefully at me and headed off to work.


     Maybe I am just being silly? I mean, we have been talking about marriage practically since we started dating.  Davey just wasn’t the romantic minded type and I knew that from the beginning. This shouldn’t surprise me, he was simple and he was good me.  I wasn’t giving him enough credit.

As I drove Addison and myself to the school that morning those thoughts ran through my mind over and over. I kept making excuses for Davey and telling myself to not expect so much of people.  I got Addy dropped off at her classroom and headed towards the music room.  After I left the store I was able to be a stay-at-home mom thanks to Kip.  He thought it was important that Addison have me around full-time since she was going to be raised in a one-parent home.  They had already purchased the house for Nicky and I when we were married; I had the car that Paula and my mom bought me and the Grand Am.  Fannie never understood why Kip wanted to help me and they had many fights over Kip’s insistence on helping to raise Addison.  He had to remind her that I was the mother of their only grandchild and he said Addison deserved the best.
After Addison started school I needed something to do, so I took a teacher’s aide position with the school’s music department. My job was to help Mrs. Jewel with anything she needed, from grading papers, to keeping the students in order during practice sessions.  Mrs. Jewel had turned the school’s music department into a national award winning show choir. Every school knew how good our students were and dreaded when they had to face them in competition. Mrs. Jewel’s responsibilities grew every day and I was there to make her life a little easier.

“How are you today Tess?” Clara Jewel came into her office shuffling music sheets around, her glasses propped at the end of her nose.  Every student loved her and every graduate that had ever had her as a teacher always came back just to see her. She loved them all like her own.
“I am good. How are you?” I scrolled through the computer spread sheet double checking the number of deposits made by parents for the upcoming choral competition.
“Trying to get the music down for this competition is going to be the death of me,” she laughed, “I have no idea if these kids are going to pull it together in time.”  I stopped typing in numbers and turned to give her my attention.

“They always do,” I laughed with her, “it’s like magic.”

She plopped down in her chair and flung the music sheets across her desk.  She opened her drawer and pulled out a stack of CDs.

“I know I have an instrumental of ‘It’s a Small World’ in here somewhere,” She continued to sift through the CDs.

“Clara?”  I reached for the spreadsheet I had sent to the printer.

“Mhmm?” She responded not looking up.

“Davey proposed,” I waited for a response.  Clara stopped her sifting and looked at me, her mouth hanging open slightly.

“Are you serious?”  She looked at me over the rim of her glasses, a strand of her silver white hair hanging down in her face.

“Well, kind of,” I explained the bag and the conversation this morning.

“I guess congratulations are in order then?” I wished she sounded more excited, I needed the encouragement.

“Yeah,” I don’t think I was too convincing. I really needed her encouragement.

“Listen, I can’t tell if you are happy about this or not. Do you want to be married?” She took her glasses off, sat them on her desk then leaned back in her chair.

“Well sure. I mean we get along great, he’s good with Addison. I really love him and I’m not getting any younger; I would like to have another baby before the gap between a baby and Addy gets too big.”

“A baby?  You want another baby?” Clara smiled at this. She and her husband never had children and I liked to think this is why she had so much love for her students. They were her substitute children.
I smiled to myself at the thought of another baby. I had never wanted another one with Nicky, but the older Addy got the more I thought about it. It seemed I always saw pregnant women or couples with new babies everywhere we went, I couldn’t seem to escape it.  It totally made my biological clock tick louder and louder.

“Yeah, I would love to have another baby,” the thought comforted me and I knew that I would accept his proposal; but I had a condition.


     Davey came into the kitchen as I was cooking dinner.  He walked over and kissed my offered check. I purposely kept my hands busy so he would have to look for the ring. He just smiled at me and grabbed my left hand to inspect my ring finger. The diamond clad band glinted back at him and he looked pleased.

“So this is a ‘yes’?”  He wrapped his arms around me and smiled.  I smiled a small smile and started to say something but hesitated. His smiled faded too, “What? You’re wearing the ring right? So that means yes, right?”

“Yeah,” I grabbed his hand and lead him to the table, “but we need to talk about something first.”

“I’m getting worried,” he laughed nervously, “what do we have to talk about?”

“I will marry you,” his smiled returned, “but there is something I want before I agree totally.”

“Okay?” his look encouraged me to continue.

“I want a baby.” His smile faded.  He stared down at the table still holding my hand and running his finger over the ring.  What was he thinking?  I hated his silence.

“A baby?”

“Yeah, not right away of course. I mean I want to enjoy being married to you for a while at least…wait that came out wrong.  What I mean to say is I want another baby before the gap gets too big between a baby and Addy.  Maybe start planning on it by the end of the year.” I looked at him hopefully.

He continued to stare at the ring, but he had let go of my hand. He stood up and walked over to the refrigerator and grabbed a can of soda.  After he opened it he leaned against the island and took a drink.

“A baby. You want to have a baby with me?” I was wondering if this was a good idea, “This is what you want? For me to say we’ll have a baby. Then you will agree to marry me?”

“I guess that is what I am saying,” was I asking too much of him? I was having a hard time reading him.

“Okay.” Really?

“Really?” I smiled at him and jumped up from my chair ready to hug him. He put his hand up to stop me and then spoke.

“I have a term too,” his hand slid down my arm and he took my ringed hand again, “I will agree that we can try to have a baby, but after being married for six months. No sooner and that we get married in October.”

“That’s only a month away.” That was sooner than I had expected. I married Nicky too soon and I had hoped for a longer engagement with Davey. But then again, I was asking for a baby right away and being married before I had a baby would probably not be a bad idea, “I can agree to that, but nothing fancy. Actually, how about we just go to the court house?”

“That’s a deal!” He pulled me into a hug.


     We stood in front of the county clerk and were married Friday, October 8th.  Davey’s best friend Caleb stood up with him and my friend Lorene stood up with me. I borrowed Lorene’s bouquet from her wedding and I wore a simple blue flowered dress with a light blue vest; Davey wore a brown and tan striped button up shirt and dark slacks.  We decided that going on a honeymoon was not convenient at the time, the kids were still in school and neither of us was in a place to take off from work.  We scheduled our reception for the weekend after we were married and themed it around the season, an autumn cookout.  All of our friends and relatives came, bringing lots of food and their camp chairs. We built a huge bonfire and roasted hot dogs and marshmallows. Davey’s dad, Carl, hooked a trailer to his tractor and we took the kids on a hayride around the neighborhood. The kids played Frisbee and tag and the adults started a lively Euchre tournament; everyone was enjoying themselves so much that the last of the guest didn’t leave until after 2 a.m.  Addy and Justin had fallen asleep in lawn chairs around 11 p.m. and Davey carried them in and put them to bed in their clothes.  We both agreed that the evening had gone very well and we discussed having another cookout before it got too cold outside to enjoy the cool fall weather.

“I am worn out.” I yawned loudly and pulled back the covers, “Are you coming to bed?”

“Yeah, in a bit, I think I will play some online poker for a while. I am kind of keyed up from all the soda I drank tonight,” He had changed into his sweatpants, kissed the top of my head, “You want this light out?”

“Yes, please, “I answered drowsily, he reached over and switched the light off next to my bed, “Good night.”

“Love you.”

“Love you too.”


“Happy Birthday Dad!” everyone at the table raised their glasses to wish Davey’s dad a happy birthday. The waitress’ at the restaurant had come to the table and sang to him, making him turn fifty shades of red.

“Aww, you kids are too good to me,” he said picking up the box of ratchets that Davey had picked out for him.  Davey’s mom, Jeanne had bought her husband a solid oak display box for his military uniform and medals he had earned while in the service; and Davey’s only brother Josh and his wife Rachel gave him a family portrait of them with their daughter, Monica and new son, Jacob.
Carl picked his favorite steak house to have dinner at and we sat in the center of the restaurant surrounded by other families enjoying a Saturday night out.  The walls were covered in western themed décor and with the holiday season in full gear, red and green garland and white lights were mixed in. It was rustic and charming, and very loud.

Carl and Addison had really taken to one another and she insisted on sitting next to her “Poppy Carl”. The chatter across the table was animated with the two girls talking Barbie dolls and all three kids were arguing about who was going to get the best gift from Santa this year.  Jeanne complained to Carl that he had gotten steak sauce on his new shirt and Rachel who was rocking baby Jacob asked Davey when we were planning on having a baby of our own. Davey laughed louder than necessary.

“Never!” He continued to cut his meat. I stopped eating and looked at him but said nothing.

Never? Oh come on Dave you don’t want just one more?” Josh leaned over and kissed the top of his new born son’s head.

“Babies are too much work, I mean look at all the crap you have to carry around with you,” he emphasized this by using his fork to point at the diaper bag, carrier, toys and bottles that surrounded their end of the table, “pooping every five minutes, peeing, eating, crying all of the time. Dude, I am a working man, I don’t have time to get up and take care of a baby in the middle of the night!”

I wiped my mouth with my napkin and asked to be excused.  I weaved my way through the waitresses taking orders, bus boys clearing tables and people looking for empty seats.  I was heading for the restrooms and prayed that no one would be there when I finally reached it.  I stood in front of the mirror trying to will the tears from escaping my eyes.

How could I have been so stupid to believe that any man could ever keep a promise? I only had one condition to marrying him and he had no intentions of keeping it. I mean seriously? I could have put a ton of conditions with that proposal.   My mind was racing and I was counting on my hands all of the things about Davey that really ticked me off.  The door to the restroom opened and I quickly wiped my eyes.

“Are you okay?” Rachel asked in her tender voice, she knew when I left the table there was something wrong.

“No,” I checked my makeup in the mirror but it was too late. My face was red, my nose was running and my mascara was smeared.  I wasn’t planning on saying anything but it just poured out and told her everything about the weak proposal, the stupid silver bag and the condition that I wanted a baby.  She was very sympathetic and I thought she would stick up for her brother-in-law. I assumed since she had known him longer she would automatically be on his side. I hated that I felt there were sides at all.

She reached over and hugged me which caused me to start crying all over again.  I didn’t want to go back to the table and face everyone knowing that I had been crying and I didn’t want to have to explain what had caused my tears.  I was so angry deep down and I was afraid that if I went back to the table I would have rip into their son, brother and father right in front of their eyes. I didn’t want to cause that kind of embarrassment for him or me.

“I’ll tell them that you aren’t feeling well and went to the car,” she said soothingly, “Josh is ready to leave anyway and I left him with the baby.” She smiled at that last part.

“Thanks,” I hugged her and walked out the front door and sat in the car until Davey and the kids came out.  He helped them strap in and slid into the driver’s seat.

“Do you feel sick Mommy?” Addison asked from the back seat.

“Yeah, just a little tummy ache is all,” I looked back and smiled at both of the kids. Justin asked if his dad could turn the radio on. I didn’t look at Davey and he said nothing in return. He didn’t have to ask what had caused my sudden illness.


     It seemed from that day on I looked at him differently.  Everything he did annoyed me. From the way he brushed his teeth to how he chewed his food.  I would be mad at him if he fixed a sandwich and left bread crumbs on the counter.  I would be upset if ate his dinner sitting at the coffee table in front of the television, which he was doing more often than not lately.  I always wanted to have dinner at the table as a family, but he parked himself in front of the television from the time he got home until I went to bed. Then after I went to bed he would get online and play online poker.  He didn’t use real money so I wasn’t concerned about his playing, but there would be times I would wake up at 3 a.m. and he would still be online. If I asked him if he was ready to come to bed, he would quickly turn the computer off and come to bed.

As soon as he crawled in he would want to start messing around. When we were dating and when first got married the sex was amazing but lately it was a chore for me.  I was still so upset by the whole baby issue and I felt like he was using my body just to get his rocks off.   I just couldn’t bring myself to enjoy something I very much wanted to do with my husband.  I was afraid to kiss or hug him, fearing it would bring on some sexual advance from him.  He never forced himself on me the way that Nicky had, but I had to force myself to be with him some nights. I would be at the sink doing up a few dishes and he would come up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. I thought, ‘how sweet,’ and smiled at the romance of his hug.

“How about a blow job?” He whispered in my ear.

“What?” I turned my head in his direction. He reached up and placed his hands over my breasts and started to caress them.  I pushed them away with my soapy hands.

“Jeez, Davey,” I couldn’t believe that he couldn’t even give me a hug without expecting to get laid right there in the kitchen.  It wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t every single time he got near me.   I loved sex the same as any woman, but I didn’t like to feel as though it was being forced on me.  He was making it sound so dirty and his advances repulsed me.

When he was home and not in front of the television, he was working on a project in the garage. Even when Justin was here for a visit he would head to the garage or out in the yard.  If he was in front of the television and Justin tried to speak to him he would tell him to go play and never look away from the screen.  Of course when it was time for bed he would head to the office and get on the computer.  This became his normal routine.

Four more months went by and it only seemed to get worse.  He started bringing home black bags from the adult book store in town and suggested that we try something “new” every week. One night he would bring home a porn movie, another night it would be a tiny vibrator that he asked if he could use on me.

He was making a trip to that store two or three times a week.  He brought home x-rated movies most of the time, but occasionally he would ask me if I would try this or try that and then the next week he would bring home some sexual toy and show it to me, asking me if it scared me and if I would try it at least once.

His behavior was really stressing me out and during sex I would start crying uncontrollably for no apparent reason.  It would take me well over an hour to stop the episodes and I couldn’t explain to him why they happened.

“Did I hurt you?” He seemed truly concerned, but I could tell his ego was severely bruised.  Any man’s ego would be deflated if a woman cried every time they got near her with their penis.

“No, sweetie, no. I don’t know what’s happening. I just get this feeling deep down here,” I said pressing into my stomach.  It was the truth, the feeling did come from my stomach and it would work its way up into my throat until I couldn’t breathe and pushed out a steady stream of tears from my eyes.  After the tears came, I had no control over any part of my body.

I tried to assure him that it wasn’t him. But it was.  The box in the bottom of his closet was the source of those tears. The box full of movies, toys and magazines was just too much for me to handle. But what truly pushed me over the edge was what I discovered on our computer.

The week before Easter I took Addy to my mom’s to play after she got out of school. I decided to take advantage of the warming weather and went home to do some spring cleaning.  While I was dusting the office I noticed the light to the computer was flashing, which meant that it hadn’t been shut down from the night before.  I sat down in front of it and turned on the screen.  What was in front of me were pictures of naked people in various sexual poses; poses of women with men, women with women, two women and one man, two men and one woman, two men.  As badly as I wanted to look away, I couldn’t.  I saw the chat box at the bottom of the screen and scrolled at the conversation that was left unattended by my loving husband.

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Touching Trees ~ Part 1 Chapter 6

TT Cover 2


After our girl’s night I became good friends with my neighbor’s sister Elena; she was seven years older than me and she seemed to have her life so together. She was a larger woman too, but she had a confidence that I envied. She was married to a great guy named Mark who was my age and who I knew through mutual friends. He was an all around great guy and he was absolutely crazy about Elena.  She had the most beautiful singing voice and I would tag along with her and Mark when she would sing Karaoke at different bars around town. They had their own special “song” and every time she got up and sang it Mark would get teary eyed. It wasn’t embarrassing; you just knew that he loved her so much that the song moved him. It was just another way they told each other how important the other was to them. They had what I wanted.

     Teresa had gotten engaged a few months back and as Teresa’s maid of honor, Laura was responsible for throwing her a bachelorette party. The wedding was planned to take place in seven months and Teresa was fine with having a party, but wanted to have it well before the wedding; not the night before. Teresa knew she liked to drink and she didn’t want to be hung over for her own wedding so at her request we would have the party a month before the actual wedding day. The night of the bachelorette party Elena came to my house to get ready. She sat on the bed as I put my makeup on.

     “Here, I brought a necklace over for you to wear. I thought it would look great with that black silk shirt you have hanging in your closet.” She pulled out a beautiful silver chain that had a blue sapphire hanging from it.

    “Oh, that is gorgeous, but Elena, I don’t wear that shirt very often. It’s too fancy for Jupiter’s anyway.” I held up a salmon colored t-shirt with Hawaiian flowers on it that said, “Spring Break ‘88”. It was a size too big, but I preferred the bagginess of it. I felt more covered and my curves weren’t as noticeable.

    “Don’t be silly,” she said taking the t-shirt from me and hanging it back up in the closet. She reached over and grabbed the black silk shirt and removed if from the hanger, “Now here, put this on. Trust me.”

     I took the shirt from her and slid it on, buttoned up the front and turned to the mirror to inspect my reflection.

     “Here,” she handed me the necklace. I clasped it and stood back to admire the glimmer of the sapphire surrounded by faux diamonds, “Now have a seat.” She sat my dressing stool in front of the bathroom cabinet. I sat and she twisted my hair into a loose knot and clipped it into place. She took a teasing comb and fluffed the long curls that hung over the twist and sprayed them into place.

    “Ok, now let’s do your makeup, close your eyes please,” I sighed and closed my eyes allowing her to apply the mauve colored eye shadow. She had applied more than I would have, but the way she did was very appealing to my complexion. She applied eyeliner and mascara and then a little blush. She rummaged through her makeup bag and handed me a tube of lipstick. I never wore lipstick. I usually applied a pink lip gloss because my grandmother had always told me that men didn’t like women who wear lipstick. It was kind of funny when I thought about all the pictures of beautiful actresses in magazines who wore bright red lipstick and saw the gorgeous men who loved them.

     “That’s a really dark color.” I raised my eyebrows when I turned the tube and saw the dark plum color.

     “Yeah, it’s gorgeous, huh? And it will look great on your lips. You have the best lips.” She took the tube from me and applied some to her own lips; she pressed her lips together with a smack. “You know some woman pay big bucks to get lips that look like yours.” She handed the tube back to me.

    I applied the lipstick carefully to my lips and looked at the reflection.  For the first time in a long time I saw something I hadn’t in a very long time. I saw I was pretty.


     “Okay, so here’s the plan. We pick Teresa up at her house at 8; then we head over to Rachel’s house and meet Brad” Laura was talking and waving her hands around as she drove. She never took her eyes from the road, but she talked with her hands alternating one to the steering wheel while the other hand flailed around to make her point.

    “Wait. Who’s Brad?” Elena asked.  Sandy leaned up from the back seat as I answered Elena’s question.   

     “Brad is a frat boy Teresa had a drunken one night stand with a few years ago. Total goober, kind of skuzzy, but a good guy nonetheless; anyway, Laura ran into him the other night, told him Teresa was getting married. They came up with some plan for Brad to be the stripper tonight.”

     Everyone in the car wailed with laughter. We pulled in the adult book store parking lot and piled out. We purchased plenty of party supplies; suckers, gummy candy, bubble gum, ring pops, and necklaces all shaped like penises. We bought Teresa a tiara with a cheesy mesh veil that hung off the back and a sash  that said ‘Bride-to-Be’ written in gold glitter.  It was totally tacky but very cool. Sandy bought Teresa a purple dildo and some motion lotion she said they could use on their honeymoon. Laura grabbed a huge blow up man-doll. I was fairly sure that he would be going home with Laura at the end of the night and not Teresa. I purchased a Pleasure by Chance dice game where you rolled a pair of six-sided die. One die had a sentence that said something like ‘Lick their’, ‘Kiss their’, ‘Touch their’ and the other die would complete the sentence with a single word like, ‘lips’, ‘chest’, or ‘privates’. You had to perform the sentences on your partner. I didn’t know if they would like it, but it looked interesting. It had been a long time since anyone had done any of that with me.

     We drove over to Rachel’s house first and decorated for the party. Rachel even made a cake in the shape of a penis complete with little chocolate sprinkles as the pubic hair, and I laughed to myself that I had seen more penises in this one night than I had in my whole life.  Brad called and said he was on his way; he asked if it was okay if he brought his friend Davey along for moral support. He told Laura he almost chickened out but Davey wouldn’t let him and wanted to come to make sure Brad kept his end of the bargain.

     “What exactly did you promise Brad, Laura?” I asked on the way to get Teresa.

     “Well you won’t think badly of me will you?” Laura looked like she wished she had never made the deal with Brad. I nodded to say I promised, “I told him I would let him play with my boobs.”

     “Oh my gawd Laura!” Elena and I both said at once. Sandy started laughing so hard that she begged us to stop talking about it, crying that she was worried she would pee her pants. Rachel just made a gagging noise from the back seat.


     We sat Teresa in a kitchen chair in the middle of Rachel’s living room and blind folded her. Teresa definitely looked nervous but played along like a good sport.

     “Guys, you heard Billy, he said no hot stripper guys” Teresa shifted in her seat when the song ‘What a Man’ started playing from the stereo.

     “Oh, don’t worry. We didn’t get any hot stripper guys,” Laura laughed, “we can promise you that!”

     Brad and Davey walked in the room and Davey took a seat over in the corner where Teresa wouldn’t see him after Brad removed her blindfold. Brad was dressed in a button down white dress shirt, white sports socks, blue under wear and black sunglasses. It was a very twisted version of Tom Cruise’s Risky Business dance scene. Brad began dancing and moved towards Teresa and started rubbing against her, she shrilled with laughter at the realization that there was a stripper and she would be forced to endure the dance. She played along and lifted her hands and rubbed the backs of his legs and butt as he danced around her. He grabbed her hand and placed it on the front of his underwear and with his hand over hers rubbed his penis. All of us were laughing and screaming. Laura was up and dancing around enjoying the show. I looked over and saw Davey laughing as hard as us but trying to be silent so Teresa would not suspect there was another man in the room.

    “I know this…! Billy? Is that you?” She hollered out and everyone screamed with laughter again. Teresa reached up and pulled the blindfold from her eyes. The look on her face was priceless. The song ended and the room was completely silent.

    Suddenly Teresa screamed and started laughing and jumping up and down. She threw her arms around Brad and was still jumping.

   “That was awesome!!” she screamed and threw up her arms, “Freaking awesome! Let’s get drunk!”

     Before we left the house, we all took a shot of Jack Daniels which I instantly regretted. I hated whiskey and it made my chest burn. I decided at that moment that I would forego the drinking this evening and enjoy watching everyone else get wasted.  Brad introduced us to Davey and I thought for someone who was here to give Brad courage he was incredibly shy.

      Elena and I sat by Davey and soon they were in a lively conversation.  It seemed that Davey and Elena went to the same school as each other and they were asking about people the other might know. Davey knew Mark and had the same impression of him as everyone else did, he was a great guy.

     Teresa, Laura, Sandy, Rachel and Brad stood in the corner and shared a joint. I had tried pot when I was seventeen but didn’t have a pleasant experience, so I never had a problem turning it down when it was offered.  Elena was above it and not because she thought she was better, you just knew that she would never, ever even consider trying it so don’t even bother asking. Davey just didn’t make a move to join the group so he sat with us and continued to talk with Elena about teachers they both had endured.

     “We should probably get going guys.” Laura said as she grabbed her coat and car keys. I reached over and grabbed the keys from her.

    “As if!” I shook my head at her when she started to say she was okay to drive.  We headed out to the driveway and I slid in the driver’s seat of Laura’s SUV while the girls loaded in the back. Brad convinced Laura to ride with them, I figured since Davey was driving so Brad figured he could get a head start on exploring Laura’s breasts.  I was fairly sure he was going to be disappointed.

     It was definitely a crazy night. Laura and Teresa got ridiculously drunk but appeared to be having the time of their lives. Sandy and Rachel were having a contest to see who could collect the most phone numbers from guys. Brad had passed out in car about an hour ago and Elena had grown tired of the immaturity of the Bride and Maid of Honor and asked me if I would be upset if she left.

     “No, I envy you. If I didn’t have to make sure these people got home safe I would leave too,” I assured her I was fine with her leaving. She called her husband and he agreed to pick her up. She gave me a hug and told me to be safe, and then she whispered in my ear, “You look awesome tonight and there is a guy sitting here who hasn’t been able to take his eyes off of you all night.” She gave my shoulders a quick squeeze and walked out to meet her husband. 

          I looked over at Davey who was watching Laura and Teresa do shots of Apple Pucker. His face winched at the thought of the sour liquor and then took a sip of his beer. He sat the beer on the table, leaned back and jammed his hands in his jeans pockets. He glanced over and saw me watching him.

    “Hey,” He smiled, “Your friends there are kinda nuts.” He tipped it towards them.  I looked over at the two drunks girls who were dancing with some tall dark headed guy. He was sandwiched between them and looked to me having the time of his life. Davey and I both laughed at the intoxicated group.

    “Yes they are.” I agreed. I leaned back in my chair and yawned. I was so ready to leave. I glanced at my watch and saw that it was close to 1 a.m.

     “Tessa, right?” he sat up and leaned on the table.

     “Yeah, but most everyone just call me Tess.” I reached over and grabbed a random beer bottle on the table and began peeling the label off of it. Davey was an attractive guy. Not someone that would make a woman stop and take a second look, but cute in his own way. You could tell he was a worker. His jeans were clean but streaked with dark stains and he had the hands of someone who used them often, they weren’t smooth, but calloused. He had a dark complexion and black hair. He was in his late twenties, but had a hint of gray around his temples. His hair was cut close and he needed to shave, but it gave him a rugged woodsy look. He had chocolate brown eyes and his nose was a little too large for his face, but he was definitely not unattractive.

     We had our first date the following Saturday evening.  I had hesitated when he first asked, not because I wasn’t interested but I made a rule a long time ago that I didn’t get a sitter for Addison on the weekends she wasn’t with Nicky’s or my parent’s, but that weekend my sister Diana called asking if she could have Addy overnight. They wanted to take advantage of the warming weather and take all the kids to the children’s museum, stay overnight at the museum’s hotel, and maybe go to the zoo on Sunday.

     “Hey, Davey, it’s Tess,” I held the portable receiver to my ear as I packed Addison’s small overnight bag.        

     “Tess, wow this is a nice surprise!” He sounded genuinely glad to hear my voice, “What are you doing?”

     “Well I was just calling to see if your offer was still open for dinner tonight?” I zipped the bag shut and set it on the bed.  Addison was on the floor coloring in her coloring books and singing a song about a doughnut that we always sang in the car.


      During that first date we talked for hours in the restaurant, then hours in his car outside my house. I told him about Nicky and he said he remembered reading about it in the paper and seeing it on the news. Davey said he couldn’t imagine putting his hands on a woman, even if she deserved it.  He said all the right things.  I started to feel like I could trust a man again. It felt nice to be able to open up my heart if even just a little bit.  I was able to breathe easier knowing a decent guy was on my side. He expected nothing more from me than what I was.

     He told me I was beautiful and I believed him. He never mentioned my weight and touched me like he was touching a model in a magazine.  He never looked at other woman when we were out together; he only had eyes for me. Davey went with me Teresa’s wedding and we spent most every minute of our free time together.

     After we dated a little over a month I introduced him to my parent’s and my sister.  He met Addison and I met his little boy, Justin who was a year older than Addison.  He treated Addison kindly and always included her in activities he did with Justin when he would be home for visitations with his father.

      Davey moved in with us three months after we had started dating. He was currently living in a tiny, rundown apartment building across town and he spent so much time at my house it didn’t make sense for him to continue paying rent.  I am sure that people thought we were moving too quickly, a few of my friends mention that on occasion, but overall they really liked Davey and just wanted me be sure I knew what I was doing. They knew that I had been lonely and afraid I would be alone for the rest of my life.  My mom said very little because I think she was worried about that as well and she just wanted me to find someone who could take care of me and take some of the burden off of my shoulders.

      He stepped right into the role of man-of-the-house, maintaining areas that I had neglected. Paul was always offering to take care of things for me, but he had their house to maintain and his health wasn’t the best the last few years.  I didn’t want to take advantage and I had let some minor things go.  Davey cleaned the gutters and took care of the yard; he was always doing something around the house. He said he wanted to show me that he was useful; I already knew this and tried to tell him that I was appreciative of it.  For the first time in my life I wondered if this is what it felt like to be in love.

     The subject of marriage just happened. We never really talked much about it; it just seemed like the logical next step. It became less of an “If” topic and more of a “when” topic. 


      The day of our four month anniversary a pipe had burst at my mom’s and I went over to help her clean up. It looked as though it was going to be a very long day. While we were there, Addison broke a vase in the living room when she threw a stuffed animal across the room. Paul had simply asked her to pick up her toys, but since she hadn’t had a nap yet she was very grouchy. She believed she had Papaw Paul wrapped around her little finger, but when he laid the law down with her about the toys, she pitched a fit and threw the doll sending the vase crashing to the floor.
On our way home she had fallen asleep in the car and when I tried to wake her up to go in the house she had another meltdown in the driveway. I had to practically drag her in the house kicking and screaming. I would have pulled in the garage but Davey had a “project” in the works and I hadn’t been able to pull the car in for the last week.  

     I was losing my patience and I still had to fix supper before Davey got home. He never expected me to have supper waiting on him, but I enjoyed having it ready and spending “family time” together at the table. But I was beginning to think that “family time” was a bad idea tonight.
I stood at the counter buttering a piece of bread; dinner tonight would be simple, grilled cheese and tomato soup.  I heard the front door open and Davey stomping his boots on the entry rug.

     “Tess?”  He called from the entry hall.

     “In the kitchen,” I flipped the grilled cheese over in the pan.

     “Hey, how was your day? Where’s Addy?”

     “I’ve had better,” I laughed still attending to the grilled cheese, “she’s in her room. She needed a nap in the worst way.”

     I turned from the stove to give my attention to Davey. He looked like he had a rough day as well. His maintenance uniform was stained in something brown and he smelled faintly of gasoline. He came in for a kiss and I wrinkled my nose at the smell but I gave him a quick kiss.

     “I got something for you today,” he nonchalantly sat a silver gift bag on the island, “I am gonna get cleaned up for supper. It smells good.” He turned and walked down the hall.

     I wiped my hands off on the dish towel and reached over for the bag. I looked after him wondering if he meant for me to wait for him to return.  I sat the bag back on the counter and I finished making supper, pouring the soup in bowls and sitting them on the kitchen table.  I had heard the shower turn on, he would be about ten minutes so I called for Addy to come eat before it got cold.  I looked over at the bag again, still unsure what to do with it.  Addison had come running from her room.

    “I’m hungry!” She jumped on her chair and sat on her knees and grabbed her sandwich.

    “Be careful the cheese might still be hot.” I warned and set a glass of milk in front of her.

     Davey came into the kitchen, hair wet and dressed in a white t-shirt and blue sweatpants. He took his seat at the table and waited for me to take a seat. He noticed the bag still sitting on the counter.

     “You didn’t look in the bag?” He said taking a sip of soup.

     “I didn’t know if you wanted me to wait.”

     “No Babe, you can open whenever you want,” He smiled and continued to eat. Over dinner we exchanged stories about our days. I told him about the broken pipe and he asked if he should go over and take a look at it, I told him that Paul and Chris had already taken care of it.  He finished eating and got up put his dishes in the dishwasher and then helped me straighten the kitchen.  After I wiped the counters down and he turned the dishwasher on, he kissed my forehead and thanked me for supper then headed to his recliner in the living room.

    Neither of us mentioned the gift bag on the counter. I ran Addison’s bath and after getting her out I tucked her into bed. I read her a story, we sang one verse of the doughnut song and then I turned her light off and left the room. She was out in just a few moments.

    I walked into the living room and saw that Davey had fallen asleep in his chair watching Monster Garage.  I had hoped to open the gift bag with him but he was snoring and seemed too peaceful to wake. I headed to the kitchen to look into that silver bag. I couldn’t imagine what he would have gotten me. No one had ever just bought me something for the sake of buying me something.  He didn’t seem too overly excited about the gift so I figured that it may be a CD or maybe a book. I had mentioned the other day that there was a new book out I wanted, but I hadn’t thought he really heard me.  Chocolates, maybe it was chocolates. He knew I loved the caramel ones and even though I always used the excuse that I was dieting, I would buy a small bag from the candy store in the mall.

     I pulled the bag towards me and sat on the barstool. There was no tissue paper inside, but a smaller plastic silver bag inside that said Jarrel’s Jewelry on it. Oh, maybe they are earrings? Maybe diamond earrings, I had never owned a real pair of diamond earrings. Is he serious?  Jewelry is kind of a big deal, even if it is just a pair of earrings.  Jewelry is not the kind of gift that you just set down and say, “Get to it whenever.”  Jewelry is the kind of gift that the man stays there and watches you open because he wants to see the look of the woman’s face. That’s what all the jewelry store commercials on t.v. depicted anyway.
I opened the small plastic bag and pulled out a smaller cardboard box, the same color as both of the other bags. I pulled the top off of the cardboard box.  I sighed, another box. This was like one of those Russian doll games. I held the small dark blue velvet box in my hand and looked in the direction of the living room then back at the box.

     I slowly opened the box, the little hinge made a squeaking noise. My heart skipped a beat and my breath caught in my throat. “No…” I whispered to myself, it couldn’t be. …

     Sitting in the white velvet pillow lining was a yellow gold ring with a small diamond in the center and four small diamonds running down the band on each side and a thin yellow gold band that sat next to it. It was a wedding set. Not just a promise ring, but an entire wedding set.  I closed the lid, placed the velvet box in the cardboard box, the cardboard box back in the small plastic bag and the plastic bag pack into the silver gift bag.  I left it setting on the island and went to bed, leaving Davey in his chair.

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Touching Trees ~ Part 2 Chapter 5

TT Cover 2

     I slid the key in the lock and opened the driver’s side door. Chip pushed me aside and slid in the seat. He rummaged through the storage space between the two seats and popped the glove compartment open, pushing papers aside. He even looked in the back and under all of the seats.

“Pop the trunk,” He demanded.

“Get real, Chip, why would it be in the trunk?” I sat back on my heel.

“Just open the damn trunk like I said.” He walked to the back of the car and waited for me to push the release button by the steering wheel. I heard the ‘wa-hump’ of the trunk’s lock popping and the squeak of the hinges as he lifted the lid.

“Damn Tessa, what do you do vacuum the trunk?” He stared into the empty compartment; the only items were the spare tire, a small portable jack, a tire iron and a road side emergency kit Paul had purchased the last time he changed the oil.

“I told you I didn’t have the CD. I put everything of yours in the box I already gave you.” He slammed the trunk lid closed.

“I know you have it, so I want you to go home, find it and bring it back to me.” He crossed his arms, “Now.”

“No.” I couldn’t even believe that he was asking me to do that.
“No?” He uncrossed his arms and leaned towards me as if he hadn’t heard me right.

“No. What part of that are you confused about?”

“No?” He took a step towards me. I was getting tired of this back and forth thing.

“NO! I don’t have your fucking CD and even if I did I would have thrown it out!” I yelled out of exhaustion by ridiculousness of the situation.

He abruptly pushed me into the back of the car. Instinctively I used the keys in my hand as a weapon, jabbing them into his arm.

“Shit! You…bitch!” He grabbed his arm and inspected it to see if he was bleeding. He looked back at me and his hand went straight to my neck, the force was so strong that my feet left the ground as my body slid up the trunk of my car. I flashed back to Nicky’s hand around my neck and for a moment that’s whose face I saw staring back at me. I closed my eyes tight and opened them back up hoping that it wouldn’t be Nicky still standing there. When I opened my eyes, I was oddly relieved to see that it was Chip. When our eyes met, he released his grip and I slid back down the car’s trunk. I gasped in the night air, massaging my neck and still feeling the heat of where his hand pressed against my skin. He turned and walked towards his truck, got in, revved up the engine and peeled out spraying gravel over several of the cars parked nearby.

I bent over with my hand still around my neck, not believing what had just happened I started puking in the gravel. The more air I was able to breathe in the harder I puked. Unable to stand upright, I leaned over with my hands on my knees, crying. The tears burned in my eyes, I reached up and wiped my nose with my sleeve. When I was finally able to stand up straight, I  looked around to see if anyone had witnessed what had just occurred.

The door of the bar was fogged up and I could see the blurry image of Lisa but couldn’t make out who she was talking to. I slowly walked back towards the building, trying to compose myself.  When I opened the door Lisa’s eyes went directly to the red hand print that was imprinted around my neck. Her eyes narrowed at me and she already knew the answer to the question that came out of her mouth.

“What the hell happened to your neck?” She grabbed my arm to stop me in my tracks. I looked at her pleadingly to keep her voice down. I moved in closer to talk to her without others hearing what I said.

“It’s okay. He left, I’m fine” I assured her.

“No you’re not.” She still hadn’t let go of my arm.

“Please Lisa, he’s gone and I just want to let it go.” I tried hard to push the tears back and not start crying all over again. She released my arm and turned towards the door when it opened. Chip stepped back in and she stopped him before he got over the threshold.

“Where do you think you are going?” She asked him.

“To get a beer, you have a problem with that?” Oh crap. Lisa’s posture straighten which added another inch to her already towering height and she looked down at Chip’s balding head.

“Actually I do. Chip you are barred from here until I say you can come back. Is that clear?”

“You can’t do that!” he laughed, “Besides you don’t have a good reason too.” He stepped in further and she grabbed him by his arm.  He pulled it back trying to release her grip without success.

“I don’t need a reason. The only reason I need is that said you are barred.” Lisa looked over at one of the bouncers and nodded to him to come over, “Jose, I think that this gentlemen needs to memorize what the outside of this bar looks like. Would you mind giving him a tour?”

With that, Jose walked Chip out the door and this time Chip did not argue.


Two more years would pass. Lorene got remarried to a guy she met at the Kabooty after a short six-month relationship. Marta married Ben the year after that.  I caught the bouquet at both weddings. You know that whole thing where the girl that is the lucky one who catches the bouquet will be the next to fall in love and get married? Yeah, that’s a load of crap.

Laura had started coming around again after we ran into each other at Marta and Ben’s wedding. A new club had opened in town called Jupiter’s and we decided to check it out one weekend.  My neighbor Sandy, her sister Elena and a mutual friend of ours named Teresa tagged along.  It was a great night out. I had decided to be the designated driver because I hated the way I felt after a Saturday night of drinking.  I did feel like I had been out too much lately even though I only went out every other weekend, but I felt guilty about going to bars when I had a child.

“You’re allowed to have some fun Tess!” Lorene told me on the phone one night, “Just because you have a kid doesn’t mean you have to stop living! So stop feeling so guilty. Besides what else is there to do in this town? All we have are bars, churches and pizza places. The pizza places only have pizza and churches only have married men. Bars are all that are left!”

I laughed but it didn’t make me feel any better. I had finally reached a place where I wanted to settle down, find someone who would fall madly in love with me and I really wanted to start back to church without having someone holding rules over my head. To have a healthy Christian relationship with someone I could take care of and could take care of me, someone who wanted to get married. Was that too much to ask?  It seemed all of my friends were getting married and soon I would be the only single person left.

Being a single mom wasn’t easy. Sure I had help from my parent’s and Nicky’s parents and I was grateful that I still had a few more years before I had to deal with Nicky and the supervised visitations, but being a single mother was still hard.

I had a good feeling that things were going to start changing for the better. I hoped my feeling was right.

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CLICK HERE if you are or someone you know is suffering from an eating disorder, there is help out there and you are not alone!

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You Aren’t Alone! ~ Eating Disorder Help

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Eating disorders are for real! Don’t let anyone tell you differently! There is help out there!

National Eating Disorder Association

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Not sure what the signs are? Visit the Eating Disorder Help Guide

Many people believe there are only two types of eating disorders…they would be incorrect. Check out this information at Eating Disorders Online.

Eating disorders aren’t just centralized to teenage girls; it effects all ages and genders. Men generally have a harder time being diagnosed according to an ABC News report posted February 26, 2013.  Check out NAMED a website for Men and Boys who are suffering.